Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Out of Range?

Some nights I find it amusing. Other nights I can't stand the thought. I flashback in my head to times where seeing your friends, or family was everything. Like fruit though your relationships start to fester away. People become to busy, things come up, now is not the time, soon, soon, soon...

When it becomes convenient to them though then the tables kind of turn. That's when you start hearing them call. I need a friend, my dog ran away, no one can help me but you, you said so, do it. Seasons change and people do too. Can you feel that? The waves hitting you. It's not something  to keep looking away from. It's in front of you giving you that look as to not go away, but to hide til the time is "right". Maybe they need to hide. Maybe it's becoming convenient for me finally. But where does that longing go? Can you help but miss them? Suck it up bitch.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

No Ease Over the Numbers

Sober running at a speed
too fast
again the speaker groans
sprouting ideas
that come from nowhere?

Where they strike
a match lit to guide 
the blind awaken to songs
take them by the spine
mobility resisted. You're so leveled
don't mistake the slope
down and about
steady now, the birds can keep up
break it down
how many steps
reach for the right one. Too soon.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Feeling Under the Lucid Reality

Without notice
above the skyline
that stretched for
you, me, and the criminals
we know. No sunset comes
before the elders
arrive to your punishment
that SHE deserves
nothing really came of it.

Minute by minute
that turns away
from the real purpose,
we have none. Driven
far off to warm waters
that wash away your mask,
under where my goal is
to rescue the strange, slavery for the awakened.
With beasts at your mercy,
that they regret
the light hits
the mark burns. Branded, like cattle
drove myself to this.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Few More for the Road

Whenever I wake up it never seems like today would be the day it'd be easy to do. The task seems like a war between my body and conscience. The more I think about it the more my body magnetizes itself with my bed. This bed of all beds. I might as well sleep on the floor. Once I do get up I begin my routine of thoughts. Do I have work? What day is it? What'd I dream of last night? Yes, Monday, Nothing... Oh well. As I get up my dog barks. I look out the window, and realize she's brought a gift for me. A dead opossum. The bitch went hunting. I looked at the time and decided to deal with my "gift" later. When I got on the bus later on I started reading my book. After a while I loose myself in thought. I look at the woman across from me. Asleep. I wonder why? Its so early the sun hasn't started its roast of us. I can already feel the warm dry air holding me later. Can't help it. Before I get off the bus I write the woman a poem. I leave it in her purse. It goes:

And Today Goes

Sooner I'll fall into
my visions
appear into a blank screen
the film in shapes, building blocks
us from our next
day will come
with me as your
only chance.

Carry on this
is not the time
will come faster
than the only thought
is you, its you!
who can't do it
before I leave
behind everything
there's a smile
for them.

Monday, July 18, 2011

And On Late Nights

We supposed the fear
would go far
beyond the fence
feel that
wasn't part of the plan
was going for something different
is not what they needed.

Pick me up a bit
cold on this bet
it wont make it in time.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


a: what can i do for you?

b: find me what i want.

a: is it something you want or need?

b: both.

a: you ask too much of me.

b: isn't that your job.

a: if you can call it a job.

b: help me....

a: if you want something take it.

b: what about rejection? i know its possible.

a: nobody said you would die by rejection.

b: thats an interesting concept. death by rejection.

a: evolve. thats my advice. assimilate the subject and environment.

b: easier said than done.

a: quite the opposite.

b: you're foolish to think that way.

a: have you ever had to say something but couldn't express it without the use of an action?

b: good point.

a: what do you want?

b: i think i'll change that. it's more of a what do i miss...

Saturday, August 28, 2010


If you double a penny everyday for a month would you eventually get to a point where zinc and copper poisoning was possible. Now thats a lot of pennies.