Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Few More for the Road

Whenever I wake up it never seems like today would be the day it'd be easy to do. The task seems like a war between my body and conscience. The more I think about it the more my body magnetizes itself with my bed. This bed of all beds. I might as well sleep on the floor. Once I do get up I begin my routine of thoughts. Do I have work? What day is it? What'd I dream of last night? Yes, Monday, Nothing... Oh well. As I get up my dog barks. I look out the window, and realize she's brought a gift for me. A dead opossum. The bitch went hunting. I looked at the time and decided to deal with my "gift" later. When I got on the bus later on I started reading my book. After a while I loose myself in thought. I look at the woman across from me. Asleep. I wonder why? Its so early the sun hasn't started its roast of us. I can already feel the warm dry air holding me later. Can't help it. Before I get off the bus I write the woman a poem. I leave it in her purse. It goes:

And Today Goes

Sooner I'll fall into
my visions
appear into a blank screen
the film in shapes, building blocks
us from our next
day will come
with me as your
only chance.

Carry on this
is not the time
will come faster
than the only thought
is you, its you!
who can't do it
before I leave
behind everything
there's a smile
for them.

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