Tuesday, August 31, 2010


a: what can i do for you?

b: find me what i want.

a: is it something you want or need?

b: both.

a: you ask too much of me.

b: isn't that your job.

a: if you can call it a job.

b: help me....

a: if you want something take it.

b: what about rejection? i know its possible.

a: nobody said you would die by rejection.

b: thats an interesting concept. death by rejection.

a: evolve. thats my advice. assimilate the subject and environment.

b: easier said than done.

a: quite the opposite.

b: you're foolish to think that way.

a: have you ever had to say something but couldn't express it without the use of an action?

b: good point.

a: what do you want?

b: i think i'll change that. it's more of a what do i miss...

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