Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Out of Range?

Some nights I find it amusing. Other nights I can't stand the thought. I flashback in my head to times where seeing your friends, or family was everything. Like fruit though your relationships start to fester away. People become to busy, things come up, now is not the time, soon, soon, soon...

When it becomes convenient to them though then the tables kind of turn. That's when you start hearing them call. I need a friend, my dog ran away, no one can help me but you, you said so, do it. Seasons change and people do too. Can you feel that? The waves hitting you. It's not something  to keep looking away from. It's in front of you giving you that look as to not go away, but to hide til the time is "right". Maybe they need to hide. Maybe it's becoming convenient for me finally. But where does that longing go? Can you help but miss them? Suck it up bitch.

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